Software Services

Having problems creating that revolutionary application?

Our team can you help at any stage of the development process from initial conceptualization to large scale deployment. We also provide additional manpower, for projects which requires a larger or more specialized team than what is available with our clients.

Fields of services:

Artificial Intelligence

General problem conceptualization

Computer Vision (OpenCV)

Machine Learning

Deep Learning (Dense networks, CNNs and LSTMs)

Data Analytics

General problem conceptualization

Data Visualization

Pattern Matching and Recognition

Enterprise Data Management

Predictive Modelling

Digital Infrastructure

Data Management Application

REST Servers (Django) and clients

Cross-platform Apps (Electron)

Cloud Consulting (AWS, Azure etc.)

General Development

Python (Django, SciPy, Tensorflow, Pandas, Keras, Jupyter)

Typescript and JavaScript

C, C++ and C#




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