About Us

We make machines smarter.

At Verdatum A.I., we believe that advanced technology can have a positive impact on people all around the world, and aim to accomplish that by providing organizations of every size with data, platforms, and automation of the highest quality. Our goal is to push the envelope by making these technologies as accessible as we can, thereby accelerating the rate at which they are adopted and raising the bar for what is possible.

We position ourselves as a TSP for data: we handle every part of the data analytics process, including generation, collection, and modelling. We originally began with a focus on core AI services, but expanded our scope to the entire pipeline because we found that in several of the fields we wanted to serve, the methodologies and technology were either inaccessible, outdated, or impractical at scale. Our hardware efforts began as a direct consequence of this; we wanted to be able to generate and collect data in a scalable manner, and have it flow directly into the next stage of the pipeline, so that instead of worrying about the hardware, we can focus on what's important to us and our clients: the data.

Our main verticals include survey technology, LIDAR technology, industrial automation, and computer vision.


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