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We make machines smarter.

Verdatum A.I. is a start-up that operates on the core belief that advanced technologies and the knowledge generated by them serve the world better when they are made more accessible to everyone. To that end, we find ways to discover and democratize technology to try to lower the barriers of entry for both individuals and organizations to make the best use of them that they can. Most of our work involves engineering solutions for autonomous systems and advanced sensing applications in domains where their usage can have a significant positive impact on the people making use of them.

Verdatum A.I. develops autonomous systems and advanced sensing technology that utilizes AI for control, navigation, and sensor data processing for applications ranging from geospatial survey to border surveillance. We started in this field with an automated road survey project called AutoSurvey, and the technology we developed for it formed the foundation for our efforts in the autonomous systems sector. Our work in advanced sensing also developed in a similar fashion, after we found that what was available on the market did not suit our needs, prompting us to develop our own. These are the main factors that led us to our vertically integrated yet modular approach to the platforms we build, which remains a USP for us to this day.

We have taken on multiple projects from both public organizations like DRDO and private entities for applications ranging from laser-based sensing to simulation software, with more in the pipeline. Pilots for some of our products — such as the mobile GCS and simulation software — are underway, and several others from our portfolio are already in use at DRDO.


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